HEARTBUT - it means: be bold and brave. It's about sharing concrete love in a tough world

HEARTBRUT aims to break new ground, stimulate debate and create inspiring experiences. With our fresh take, genre-busting approach, strong online presence and growing range of print editions, we connect with global audiences. Founded in 2019, HEARTBRUT is the brainchild of Zurich-based writer and photographer Karin Bürki. We are regularly featured in the media.

Keep it brut & beautiful!

About Karin Bürki

Born and bred in Zurich, Karin spent their formative years in London. After graduating in Fine Art from Saint Martins College of Art & Design, the writer & photographer made their name with the photo blog PLAYLUST – a pun on Wanderlust and the pseudonym Play Hunter. Karin’s signature razor-sharp style and refusal to choose between art, photography and media opened up new and exciting playgrounds, ranging from the photography book “Now & Wow – A Style Hunter’s Book of Photographs” to various newspaper columns, exhibitions and a wide range of business partnerships. In 2019, Karin founded Heartbrut.

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