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Heartbrut & Carte Brute Feature in BZ Basel and Beobachter Magazin 2021. Explore more on

BZ Basel & Beobachter Magazin

Heartbrut & Carte Brute features in BZ Basel (print & online), Beobachter Magazin (No 15/21, print)

Pretty Brutal – and Brutally Beautiful / Concrete Eye-Catcher

Switzerland’s concrete heritage continues to attract attention, with two prestigious print titles devoting considerable column inches to it: BZ BASEL (22.5) has presented the region’s many Brutalist treasures in a carefully researched and generously illustrated double page. Meanwhile, the Swiss journalistic institution BEOBACHTER Magazine has explored the history of the “Regina”, a still largely unknown Brutalist department store built in 1965. The Regina has not only managed to defend its place on the main street of Dietikon (canton of Zurich), it has also escaped the wrecking ball – with the kind help of the Zurich Heritage Society.

HEARTBRUT and CARTE BRUTE are generously mentioned.

With many thanks to Benjamin Wiegald of BZ BASEL and René Amman of BEOBACHTER MAGAZINE.