Carte Brute, Poster Map A1. Discover 50 ground-breaking concrete icons from all over Switzerland from 1927 to the present day. Shop on

Carte Brute

Discover Switzerland’s 50 most ground-breaking concrete icons from the past 100 years

Carte Brute: A fresh look at Switzerland’s concrete icons

Our double-sided, poster-sized map features the 50 boldest and most groundbreaking concrete icons from all parts of the country and language regions, from 1927 to the present day. These include the St Anthony’s Church in Basel (1927), the Palais des Congrès in Biel/Bienne (1966) and contemporary objects by Herzog & de Meuron or Barozzi Veiga, among others. Lesser-known buildings, such as the Couvent des Capucins in Sion or Saurerhochhaus high-rise in Arbon, are also part of the Tour de Suisse in béton brut. The crystalline La Tulipe (1976) from Geneva, probably Switzerland’s most extravagant concrete beauty, adorns the back as a poster.

50 concrete classics & where to find them

Find key data – construction period, architects, location and closest tram station in the legend section. The map on the removable cover makes navigation even easier. An introduction in German, English and French by HEARTBRUT founder Karin Bürki provides additional insights.

Designed to appeal to everyone & to go anywhere

With its bold visuals and flexible format CARTE BRUTE offers an attractive and very easy way to discover Switzerland’s concrete classics – for everybody. Printed on 135 gsm Profibulk paper, our A1-sized map (slightly over A5 folded) not only looks good but is also tough going. Take it along on a walk or use it as a poster in the office or at home.

Printed in Switzerland

For the design of Carte Brute, we teamed up with Rebecca de Bautista and Isabella Furler from the Zurich-based graphic design studio Lugma. The map was printed in the canton of Aargau.

Your purchase supports a not-for profit project

Carte Brute editions are not for profit. Your purchase helps fund the extensive research, travel and editorial work that goes into this project. Any profits we make go straight back into the development and production of new editions. Win-win.

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Carte Brute, 50 most striking Swiss béton brut icons from 1927 to today, map A1, © IMG: Karin Bürki / HEARTBRUT, © DESIGN: lugma I Shop on
Carte Brute, 50 most striking Swiss béton brut icons from 1927 to today, poster side, La Tulipe, © IMG: Karin Bürki / HEARTBRUT, © DESIGN: lugma I Shop on

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