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Carte Brute Basel

Take a fresh look at 40 ground-breaking concrete icons from 1912 to the present day
Carte Brute Basel, map, 40 brutalist Basel icons from 1913 to the present day © Karin Bürki/HEARTBRUT. Explore more on

Experience Basel's world-class concrete heritage in a bright new way

A stellar line-up

Our poster map takes a fresh look at 40 striking and ground-breaking concrete icons from 1912 to the present day. Mixing classics and contemporary objects, A-listers and local heroes, art and architecture, CARTE BRUTE BASEL is an ode to the city’s world-class and diverse concrete heritage. Its bright and bold visuals reference the innovative spirit and big and wild designs of the 60s and 70s – the golden age of concrete architecture.

Pioneering stars like Antoniuskirche and Goetheanum meet raw concrete legends of the 60s and 70s as well as site-specific art. Take a trip down psychedelic Panton-Tunnel, visit the monumental St. Chrischona TV tower or explore the Uluru / Ayers Rock of Muttenz. A stopover at Herzog & de Meuron’s Helsinki Dreispitz and low-energy Erlenmatt development shows how béton brut is done today. Masonry Hall – one of the world’s finest concrete origami, stars as a poster on the back.

Each object is featured with an image. Find key data – construction period, architects, location and closest tram stop in the legend section. The map on the removable cover makes for easy navigation. An introduction in German and English by HEARTBRUT founder Karin Bürki provides additional insights.

CARTE BRUTE BASEL offers an attractive and very easy way to discover Basel’s concrete beauties – for everyone. Printed on extra-thick, premium FSC-certified paper, our map is a hard-wearing travel companion with eye-catching qualities. Take it along on your next city safari or use it as a poster at home or in the office.

We care about our concrete heritage as much as we do about the environment. That is why our map also shines a special light on contemporary objects that combine bold aesthetics with recycled concrete and CO2-reducing technologies.

For the design, we teamed up with Rebecca De Bautista and Isabella Furler from the Zurich-based graphic design studio Lugma. Printing was done in Dielsdorf, in the canton of Zurich

HEARTBRUT editions are not profit-based. Your purchase will help fund the extensive research, travelling and editorial work that go into this project. Any profits we may make will go straight into the development and production of new Carte Brute editions. Win-win.

Carte Brute Basel, Poster Map A1. Discover 40 ground-breaking concrete icons in Basel from 1912 to the present day in a bright new way. Shop on
Carte Brute Basel, postermap A1. Discover 40 ground-breaking concrete icons in Basel from 1912 to the present day in a bright new way. Shop on