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Musée d'art des Grisons extension

Picture of Words & Photography: Karin Bürki

Texte et photographie : Karin Bürki


The 4,000 m2 purist concrete cube is located in the centre of Chur, opposite Villa Planta, the magnificently ornate 18th-century home of the original art museum. The extension, by Barcelona-based Barozzi Veiga, is a contemporary take on the Palladian style of its predecessor. But instead of pomp, radical reduction and repetition reign supreme: the exterior’s sleek, inset relief panels are made up of 4,600 square blocks of cast concrete. It’s Palladian for purists. This minimalist cube is a fine example of how concrete can be made into something that is both strikingly bold and delicate.

L'extension a remporté le prix RIBA de l'excellence internationale en 2018.
Museum of Fine Arts Chur, Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur, Barozzi/Veiga, © Karin Bürki/Heartbrut. Explore more on

© Karin Bürki/Heartbrut

© Karin Bürki/Heartbrut

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Hochhaus zur Palme High-Rise, Haefeli Moser Steiger, Zurich, 1955-1964, Swiss Brutalism, © Karin Bürki/Heartbrut. Explore more on
Hardau, Zurich, 1978, Brutalism, © Karin Bürki. Explore more on
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