Carte Brute, Press Clipping, Meter Magazin

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The 50 Boldest Concrete Buildings in Switzerland

The year 2020 trains us in patience, but also to discover the world around us with new eyes. There will be no long-distance travel, but we will have time and the opportunity to explore Switzerland. We don’t necessarily have to go to the mountains to do so though, instead we get an exciting alternative with “CARTE BRUTE”, which takes us across all of Switzerland: The folding guide “CARTE BRUTE” presents the 50 most exciting icons from Switzerland’s concrete heritage of the last 100 years and encourages us to rediscover the béton-brut landscape of Switzerland. 

Among the buildings are contemporary objects by Herzog & de Meuron or Barozzi Veiga, but also the Antoniuskirche in Basel from 1927 or the Palais des Congrès in Biel, built in 1966. Exposed concrete is part of our culture and omnipresent in Switzerland, yet many brutalist objects from the sixties and seventies are considered “monsters”. Karin Bürki’s “CARTE BRUTE” shows the opposite and inspires to explore the beauty of the buildings anew on site. 

Carte Brute, Press Clipping, Meter Magazin
Carte Brute, Press Clipping, Meter Magazin
Carte Brute, Press Clipping, Meter Magazin
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