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Carte Brute Alpin Feature in February 2024 issue of Schöner Wohnen magazine (Switzerland). Explore more on

Schoener Wohnen

Carte Brute Feature

Off to the mountains

We are in the February issue of Schöner Wohnen magazine (Switzerland, print only)! With thanks to Stephanie Ringel:

Karin Bürki initially focused on the beauty of Swiss concrete buildings when she began publishing the “Carte Brute” series under the Heartbrut label: photographic and written rambles through the Swiss architectural landscape, captured on maps and postcards. After covering Basel and the whole of Switzerland, there is now an Alpine safari in the form of a folding map, with events and online reads. “We have tracked down pioneering objects made of wood, stone and concrete from the last 100 years in the Swiss mountains that reinterpret the traditional mountain house in a bold, simple and new way,” says Bürki. Each building is presented with an image and key information such as date of construction, architect’s office and location. Its beautiful design makes it ideal as a poster, but also as a classic travel guide. 40 buildings, 40 images, with an introduction in German and English.